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    Miss New China machine tool industry founder

    Old China by imperialist aggressions, poverty and backwardness, almost no industry to speak of the machine. Post-liberation war, after Liaoning Shenyang, Huai, Pingjin three battles won, showing the liberation of the whole of China, the establishment of new China's prospects. March 5, 1949, Comrade Mao Zedong at the second plenary session of the report of the Seventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed "mobilize all forces to restore and develop production business, which is where the focus of all the work." After the founding of New China, in order to co-ordinate economic development to provide equipment, August 7, 1952, the Central People's Government of the Seventeenth Meeting of machinery industry through the establishment of the first appointed Minister Huang Jing, Duan Junyi, vice minister Wang Daohan, under 8 Professional Office is located general machinery, machine tools, heavy machinery, power machinery, electrical, automotive (including tractors, bearings), ships, locomotives, etc., co-ordinate the development of various types of machinery and equipment. Which clearly is in charge of the Second Board to provide equipment for the machine tools industry, machinery industry development Authority, responsible for the designated student Liu Qi, Niechun Rong. Hengxing machine can refer to the official website to make a purchase Star selection: www.szhxxjx.com
    Liu's first leader born in New China machine tool industry
    Liu Qi as the new Chinese student's machine tool industry's first leadership under conditions of planning from scratch formation and development of the industry. He studied hard, deep understanding of the strategic position of the machine tool industry and a key role in economic construction, foresight, and actively seek a higher level of understanding and support of relevant departments, in the first five-year period on the new Chinese machine tool industry Foundation. His contributions can be summarized as follows:
    First, pay attention to and promote the status of the machine tool industry in national economic development
    Liu Qi was born in the preceding revolutionary career, and no contact with the machine tool industry, responsible for the formation of new jobs after China's machine tool industry. He realized that in doing science, in the development of economic construction, all walks of life can not be without machinery, and machinery of development and progress and can not do without the machine tool industry development and progress, so that the machine tool industry are workhorses, he efforts to promote this concept. For example, in the first five-year period, according to Ministry of Machinery Industry was the first to do a report of the CPC Central Committee and the requirements of machinery exhibition in Zhongnanhai, where the museum is responsible for the comprehensive two innings. Under the leadership of Comrade Liu Qi, the exhibition will highlight the importance of machine tools, was led by the Department, that this is the correct reflection of things. Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and other central leaders have visited the exhibition, the Chairman Mao Zedong saw six times. For this reason, in the industry to build, whether it is the use of existing resources, the construction of the new plant, staff, allocation of funds, have been superior leadership and stakeholders understanding and support.
    Second, the full use of existing resources, for the new project, the basic pattern forming machine tool industry
    Formation process in the machinery industry, there is one as the puppet, KMT rule left some Xiuxie are utilized, then the ministry placed under the leadership of the Second Board Machinery Factory Northeast (Shenyang First Machine Tool Factory) Machinery Factory (Shenyang Third Machine Tool Plant), mechanical Wuchang (Friendship plant in the Czech Republic), mechanical ten factory (Shenyang Tool Works, when the Korean War moved north to Harbin First Tool Factory), mechanical eleventh plant (s Qiqihar a machine tool plant), mechanical thirteenth plant (Sujiatun first Grinding Wheel), mechanical fifteenth Factory (Qiqihar Second Machine Tool Plant), mechanical eighteen Plant (Dalian Machine Tool Factory), Shanghai Qiujiang Machine Factory (Shanghai Machine Tool Factory), Shanghai Tool Works, Jinling Machine Factory (Nanjing Machine Tool Plant), Jinan First Machine Tool Plant, Jinan Second Machine Tool Plant, machinery plant in Yantai (Yantai machine factory annex), machine factory in Chongqing (Chongqing Machine Tool Plant), Kunming Machine Factory (Kunming Machine Tool Plant), Changsha Machine Factory (Changsha Machine Tool Plant), Beijing first machine tool factory. Liu Qi born after many efforts towards open source added Wuxi (Wuxi Machine Tool Plant), Zhangdian Grinding Wheel Factory, Beijing Second Machine Tool Plant, Machine Tool Plant in Wuhan, Wuhan Machine Tool Accessories Factory, Tianjin First Machine Tool Plant, one after another of these plants do a renovation and expansion. 156 new construction projects in China, but also to secure the Shenyang Machine Tool Plant renovation project, and Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Factory, Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Works, Zhengzhou Second Grinding Wheel, Chengdu Measuring & Cutting Tool Factory and other new projects, thus creating From New China machine tool industry backbone.

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